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Skills for success...

Technical skill is only part of the story.  At Sidonia it is our goal to provide not only a field technician or project manager, but someone with superb professional, communication, leadership, and decision-making skills.


Hands on training

We view "hands-on" as the most effective way to train in this industry. The key is identifying the opportunity that best fits the development goal – a balance between new challenges and current competencies, with a careful eye on customer needs, personal preferences and job location criteria.

As a small, focused, group of professionals, we support each other with cross-training programs, often with the added challenge of being a considerable distance from one another. We maintain a knowledge base of internal technical documents, bulletins and general information articles. We develop new tools and references to follow the technology and the projects.


Hands-on training means that care has to be taken to ensure that the consultant has access to the required support and documentation . After a brief but intensive white-board session which details vital information for the upcoming project, the engineer is sent to site to tackle the problem.

The engineer will not only be backed by other Sidonia employees via voice and email communication, but also with carefully written technical documentation describing a broad range of information from basic switching mechanics to specific user-interface commands.

Any new skills learned on the job site are documented, expanding our knowledge and reference base of telecommunications equipment and procedures.

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