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Professional and skilled field engineers

The installation and test phase of network equipment is a key factor to deployment success.  Sidonia has the people who can delivery during this important phase of a project.

  • Sidonia’s field engineers have hands on experience in a broad range of I&C activities. We have worked with various types of switching equipment including cellular, long distance and line switches.
  • As a team, we have developed and maintained a pool of knowledge on various types of equipment, and we use this knowledge base to support each other during each assignment.
  • Our hands-on approach to training results in a team of engineers with highly developed troubleshooting skills.

Specific technical skills available include:

  • Site supervision and management
    Basic project management coupled with technical skill -- the site supervisor needs to be a key technical member of the team, but must also provide leadership and communication skills  Quality reviews, cost control and resource management are all part of the package in a site supervisor from Sidonia.
  • Equipment Commissioning
    Telecommunications equipment is evolving rapidly.  The team that builds the network needs to be able to adapt, to learn, and to train others in a hurry.   Expertise is measured in how quickly one can learn the new gear.  We hire with a view to the individual's ability to meet these challenges.  Our commissioning processes and development programs are designed under the mission to thrive and excel in this fast-paced environment.
  • Technology Transfer
    Commissioning represents a tremendous learning opportunity for employees of a new telco.  We work alongside the new operating team, showing them the equipment as it is built and tested, and providing a view as to how the equipment really works.
  • Equipment Construction
    We can provide builders and component testers to make up the full spectrum of the site team.
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