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Network Services

We define Network Services as a broad range of network implementation and support activities.  Every project is different, every network unique. 

Network Services requires a certain type of professional -- a quick learner with solid telecommunications fundamentals, someone who is driven and who has strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills.  Our team has these skills.  We can help make your project a success.

Specific technical skills available include:

  • Network Integration
    Signaling network tests (to layer 3); transport network integration; network synchronization, integrity and robustness testing
  • Network Deployment and Acceptance
    Interworking tests and acceptance, cutover support, turnkey network deployment, call processing and services testing
  • Maintenance
    Equipment maintenance, on-job training for local employees / technology transfer, maintenance support, performance measurement and analysis, network surveillance, service and feature introduction support, interfacing with interconnect partners and network operations organizations
  • Network Planning & Engineering
    Traffic analysis, equipment dimensioning, site planning, trunking and signaling link plans
  • Special Services
    Deployment strategies, cutover planning, vendor evaluations, network upgrade planning, turnkey deployment planning, equipment acceptance
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