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New Recruits: The Challenge and the Opportunity

You're done with school and you're looking for a challenge.  Maybe you want to see the world in the process.  Problem is, you're a little light on practical skill.   Possibly you already have a job, but  you're looking to change industries and need a foot in the door in telecom.  We've all been through this at Sidonia, and we think we have a proven way to make this transition.

The Process

Start Up and Placement

We market to our customers the concept of putting an untrained, yet talented and highly motivated individual into a project.  Ideally, we would place two people into a project: One experienced and one not.  An extra set of hands is always an asset on site, at least when under the proper supervision and direction.

  • We must come in at a rate that is substantially lower than the market, with the understanding that the rate would move up beyond the 6-8 week training period.  We still aim to maintain billing rates that are below the market.
  • Timing is the key. Assignments come and go on a regular basis, and some are better suited to this training process.
  • Leverage: Use the customer's desire to hire our existing, developed skill set as leverage to get work for the new hire.
  • Have an impact on the project

    We document the success of Sidonia's staff on the project, proving why we are not merely another source of average telecommunications engineers.  We look for creative ways to add value to the project: Process review, recommendations for future projects.

    Look for the next job...

    Timing, as always, is the key issue. It is unlikely that all projects will roll into new opportunities with exactly the right amount of vacation in between. Another trick is trying to match the projects with personal considerations: Availability, desired location, skill development.

    Contact us!

    Interested?  Drop us an email with your resume, and let us know what interests you in this type of work.

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