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Project Management

The Sidonia Project Management Advantage

Development: Our primary training path for PM skills begins in the field – Sidonia’s PMs generally have Nortel I&C or integration experience.

Internal Support: We maintain an internal support structure for our PMs, including technical references, process support and technical support.

Scope: We bring multi-discipline experience to the PM environment: CDMA, GSM, CATV, microwave, optical, cutovers, rips & integration.

Professionalism: You can rest assured that with any Sidonia PM, your project will be represented with a high level of competency and a professional image in the workplace.

Internationally Oriented: Our people have operated under mid to long term contracts in Mexico, Japan, Columbia, Thailand, Nigeria, the Philippines, Chile, Brazil, the US and Canada

Success stories: Recent Sidonia PM Assignments

Chile SmartcomPCS: Two Sidonia PMs helped lead an Ericsson to Nortel cut of 83 sites & implementation of 100 new CDMA sites.

China Unicom: Provided PM support to the recent on-time delivery of an extensive. CDMA network

Mexico IUSA: Engineered, delivered & integrated a non-standard TOPS & AIN solution.

Japan IDC: Working under GCCS AGNS BRAM, led a multi-disciplinary team in the development of an AIN cutover plan

GVT Brazil: Provided a Senior PM (optical/ data) to help coordinate the GVT Succession Network.

Japan CATV: Provided cross-discipline PM and engineering for the implementation of Nortel’s Cornerstone product.

Mexico Axtel: Delivered Point to Point and Point to Multipoint PM with leadership within an FRA (Prox-I) environment.

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