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Sidonia Technical Services provides engineers, consultants and technicians to the telecommunications network construction industry.  We possess a range of skills that can be utilized throughout the process of designing, building, testing and operating a telecommunications network.

Our team is made up of dynamic and ambitious individuals. Our skills are kept current with a combination of cross-training and hands-on exposure. We constantly seek projects that further broaden our knowledge of the industry, the technology and the business of telecommunications.

If you are deploying a new network or expanding existing facilities, we can provide a team with practical telecommunications knowledge and expertise to ensure the success of your project.

Network Services Installation and Commissioning: Project Management: 
A solid base in the technical fundamentals coupled with broad industry experience... (read more)

  • Turnkey network deployment
  • Deployment strategies
  • Cutover planning & support
  • Vendor evaluations
  • Network upgrade planning
  • Turnkey deployment planning
  • Equipment acceptance
  • Interworking tests and acceptance
  • Call processing and services testing
  • Signaling network tests
  • Transport network integration
  • Network synchronization
  • Integrity and robustness testing

    Network Services: Operations
  • 2nd/3rd Level Support / NOC Staffing
  • Maintenance Strategies Review
  • Spares Audit / Rationalization
  • Performance Measurement and Analysis
  • Service and Feature Introduction Support
  • Interconnect Activities
  • On-Job Training of Permanent Staff
  • Timely, quality site deployment is key to a new network.  We have the people who can make this phase a success. 

    Quality reviews, cost control and resource management are all part of the package in an installation or site supervisor from Sidonia. (read more)

    Our I&C skills include:

  • Site Supervision
  • Turnkey Equipment Depoyment
  • Quality
  • Standalone Tests / Commissioning
  • Engineering / Provisioning Site Reviews
  • Installation / Construction
  • Site-Specific Installation Documents
  • Customer / Contractor Training
  •  Practical exposure coupled with solid professional and technical backgrounds. Our hands-on experience gives our people an edge when dealing with the challenges of managing the deployment of a site or a network. (read more)

  • Deployment
  • Acceptance and cutover planning
  • Resource allocation and planning
  • Network Planning & Engineering
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Equipment Dimensioning,
  • Site Planning,
  • Trunking and Signaling Link Plans



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