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VoIP and Data
Internet and IP Technology Overview from Cisco.  Includes LAN/WAN overview; routing and physical interface information. Understanding TCP/IP for all those nagging questions on this portion of the protocol stack

Intro to ATM

Intro to TCP/IP

X.25 Tutorial

VoIP Dictionary

VoIP - H.323

Unix/Linux skills are essential to VoIP projects.  Some references:
VI text editor:  vi @ Brown

  WiFi Sites added to the Wireless section (Nov/03)

VoIP Dictionary (Dec/03)

General Telephony
ISDN                VPNs

Tutorial Sites
An extensive list of IP, ATM, remote access and internet tutorials and articles can be found at's Tutorial page

The Bell Atlantic tutorial is part of the "Web Pro Forum" -- a massive collection of telecommunications and data tutorials. 

Yet another set of tutorials:  This time from Dr. Hastings
Optical and Transport Sites
Introduction to Fiber Optics
GSM:  Performance Technologies web site contains a good overview of GSM network implementation. 

Wireless Facilities Inc. has a compiled a good database of wireless info, including UMTS and other 3G.

NetworkCDMA from Qualcomm

WiFi - Unsecured hotspot map - WiFi hardware vendor WiFi provider WiFi news...


General Info Sites "Telecom White Papers

Nigel Allen's Telecommunications Page

Link to the Telecom Information Resources "Technical" page.
  TIRs Technical page is one of the most comprehensive sites that we have come across.
SS7 and Integration
Performance Technologies (formerly Microlegend) has an excellent SS7 tutorial , providing a good explanation of the layers that make up the SS7.  This tutorial also includes a breakdown of different message types within ANSI SS7.

Tekelec also maintains a fantastic site on SS7, including quick-reference guides and an acronym database.

Bell Atlantic also has a good tutorial on SS7, with a focus on the North American implementation of SS7.  (We are still looking for a good international CCS7 tutorial). 

Network Design -- A Tutorial

Operating Companies
Telecom Technical
  • AT&T Canada Home Page
  • Avantel
  • Bell Canada
  • Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Level 3 Communications, Inc.
  • Microcell
  • Northern Telephone
  • Rogers Cantel
  • Teleglobe
  • Telus
  • Telstra
  • Verizon
    CRTC:  List of all Canadian Telcos  A lookup tool for telephony and computer related terms and acronyms.

    LincMad's Telecom Page

    CommWeb's Tech Encyclopedia>
  • Internet telephony and IP telephony
  • V.90 Modem Standard
  • Tekelec
  • Welcome To TRA
  • X.25 from FOLDOC
  • LincMad's Telecom Page
  • Telecom Traffic Online
  • The ETSI WWW Server
  • Networking 101
  • RS-232, RS-422 AND V.35 INTERFACES
  • International Telecommunication Union
  • CRTC English Home Page

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